Lighthouse Works partners with a number of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies to bid on contracts and secure job opportunities for Floridians who live with blindness or any degree of vision loss.

AbilityOne Program - More than 550 community-based nonprofit agencies across the country participate in the AbilityOne Program. The main eligibility criteria are prescribed by the Federal Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act. This Act requires that a participating nonprofit agency be structured in such a way that “precludes the inurement of the net earnings of the corporation to any individual.” Also, at least 75 percent of the nonprofit agency’s total direct labor hours must be performed by persons who are blind or have significant disabilities. The work on Federal contracts may be facility-based, such as manufacturing or packaging; or community-based, such as administrative services, food service, janitorial/custodial, or switchboard operations.
National Industries for the Blind – NIB and its nationwide network of associated nonprofit agencies are the nation’s largest employer of people who are blind. NIB delivers affordable, high-quality products and services tailored to customer requirements – all while helping people who are blind build meaningful careers.
RESPECT of Florida (RESPECT) – A priority purchasing program created by the Florida legislature to provide job opportunities to Floridians who are blind or have other severe disabilities. RESPECT works with Lighthouse Works and more than 50 other nonprofit agencies around the state that employ about 1,200 people with disabilities who produce hundreds of commodities and provide services to local and state government entities.
Florida Unique Abilities Program – Lighthouse Works has been a proud partner of the Florida Unique Abilities Program since 2016. Helping to provide career opportunities and financial independence to individuals with unique abilities is at the core of our organization’s values. We encourage you to learn more about how you can help enhance opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Please visit: floridajobs.org/unique-abilities-partner-program