"Empowerment Through Employment"
Two Lighthouse works products division employees laughing as they work

Lighthouse Works began as a vision to establish a company with a critical double-bottom line:

  1. Create competitive job opportunities for working age blind and visually impaired adults; and
  2. Do real business, for real customers, and generate funding to support and grow Lighthouse Central Florida’s valuable, vision specific rehabilitation services in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties
a Lighthouse work Contact Center employee on the phone and computer at the same time as they help a customer over the phone


Lighthouse Works is a proud member of National Industries for the Blind (NIB), the nation’s largest employment resource for people who are blind. Through NIB, Lighthouse Works is an active participant in the AbilityOne Program, a longstanding federal program established to encourage the employment of persons who are blind and visually impaired. Through the AbilityOne Program, Lighthouse Works accesses valuable federal contracts in a “bid free” environment.
Two Lighthouse Works Accessibility Service employees working on code level accessibility audits


Likewise, Lighthouse Works offers products and services through Florida’s state-use program at RESPECT of Florida (RESPECT). Lighthouse Works has many products and services available on the state’s procurement lists, from medical supplies and commercial LED lighting, to commercial call center services. Much like working through the AbilityOne Program, companies who hire or partner with Lighthouse Works through RESPECT are able to hire or procure in a “bid free” environment.

This “bid free zone” benefits Lighthouse Works’ partners (manufacturers, distributors, and others) by allowing them access to considerable federal and state business while avoiding lengthy and expensive competitive bidding process – a win-win!
a Lighthouse Works products division employee smiling as he holds up an example of a box that they assemble in their department


Lighthouse Works is active in the commercial markets as well, counting Walt Disney Company and Northrop Grumman among many valuable customers.

Lighthouse offers an optimal blend of proven rehabilitation training and real world application to help individuals of all ages, who live with any degree of vision loss, adjust to their reality with grace and confidence so that they can remain active, productive members of our community.