Have a general question about Lighthouse Works? Here are some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this a special work or training program for people who are blind?

No, Lighthouse Works is a registered, 501 c (3) corporation established to fulfill real business solutions (products and services), for businesses. Every employee at Lighthouse Works, whether sighted or blind, is hired the same way – they are qualified, they submit resume, they are interviewed, and they earn their job. There are no special job classifications for our employees; to do so would be a betrayal of our Mission.

Will I have to sacrifice quality or value (pricing) if I choose to work with Lighthouse Works?

No, you will not. In fact, because of Lighthouse’s 42 years’ experience applying process, technology, and training to level the playing field for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, Lighthouse Works customers most often reap benefits our typical private sector competitors cannot deliver. We know you might assume our workforce of blind and visually impaired team members may be less capable if you’ve not met us. That’s okay!

Spend a few minutes talking with and watching us, and you will quickly see what we’re capable of. This is real business – for real customers – creating real value at competitive prices.

How can my business benefit from outsourcing to Lighthouse Works?

Imagine accessing multi-year federal or state contracts but not having to compete for them…

As member agencies with the Ability One Commission, through National Industries for the Blind for federal business, or RESPECT of Florida at the state level, our partners access federal and state business in a “bid free” environment. What this means is, through the federal and state programs designed to support employment for people who are blind or visually impaired, Lighthouse Works offers access to lucrative contracts that would otherwise require competition. With us, this is not the case.

Lighthouse Works’ partners are represented by an organization dedicated to excellence (one of our five Core Values), who operate with a disposition for innovation, and who benefits from competitive advantages many private sector companies cannot compete with because we employ dedicated people who are blind or visually impaired.

How can a workforce who is blind or visually impaired compete with my current vendor?

Three words: Process, Technology, & Training. For the past 42 years, our parent company, Lighthouse Central Florida, has been leveraging process, technology, and training to empower people of any age beyond the restrictions of vision loss and blindness. We apply those same proven principles to our industries at Lighthouse Works.

Whether the technology is a wooden “jig” (tool) that increases productivity in labeling the decompression needle for the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) upwards of 500 percent and decreases defect rates from 10 percent to sub-one percent, or creating software, as we call it, “middleware,” tools (ones and zeros) to streamline workflow efficiencies in customer service operations, our teams make work faster, more precise, and seek to deliver highest quality and performance – every time.

My database and/or business is complicated. How can people who are blind work at-speed in a call-center?

This is a common question. The difference maker for Lighthouse Works is our internal tech team. The 4Sight 360 Contact Center has yet to meet an accessibility challenge it couldn’t meet. Most commercial contact centers are too busy managing expensive rates of employee attrition to focus on the many repetitive operations in a common call center. Lighthouse Works’ 4Sight 360 Contact Center’s attrition rate is well below 10 percent, and we have the internal accessibility services talent to innovate solutions for any platform. As such, during the process of evaluating your company’s platform accessibility, we (most often) identify workflow efficiencies that expedite processing, minimize “clicking,” and get your customers the answers they’re looking for faster.

The team has made a color coded medical/dental scheduling software not only usable by people who cannot see color, but more efficiently. Some of the accessibility “middleware” the Lighthouse Works team innovates has been made standard practice across the large call centers we support. This is a benefit our customers receive, simply by employing our team.