“For us, digital accessibility is not just about meeting regulations. It is about a commitment to create a more inclusive world and provide an equal opportunity for all people everywhere, regardless of their abilities.”
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How Our Digital Accessibility Experts Can Help You

  • Ensure 100% compliance with ADA standards and legislation
  • Accessibility Evaluation, Audit and Remediation
  • Accessible Website Hosting
  • WCAG Certification
  • Expert-Level Guidance and On-Going Support

No one is better equipped to test your website for WCAG and Section 508 compliance than people who need accessible digital content every day. We help companies of every size achieve digital inclusion, digital equality and bring their digital assets into compliance.

As a Lighthouse Works customer, you benefit from our team’s years of experience evaluating accessibility and developing custom solutions to make the most challenging website interfaces accessible to users who are blind and visually impaired. Our customers appreciate our company values, including our drive for excellence and relentless commitment toward an inclusive world where all people deserve to have an equal opportunity.

Customers choose Lighthouse Works' Digital Accessibility services and solutions based on a proven track record for customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, ease of doing business, and cost-effective pricing - while investing in a partner that is changing the lives of children and adults with vision loss.

“Lighthouse Works was a lifesaver for Brownie Brittle! After researching multiple companies to help our website become WCAG compliant, Lighthouse was by far the best choice.”

~Ashley Dawkins, Marketing Director Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle


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Reliable solutions that benefit EVERYONE at all times!

Lighthouse Works offer customers reliable and cost effective website accessibility solutions. Our proven process for auditing, reporting, and offering expert-level guidance reaches beyond the many inadequate and automated services available online. What's more, our team of experts will guarantee your digital presence is always accessible to everyone.

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Unlike other companies, Lighthouse Works utilizes both automation and humans to evaluate your website. Learn more

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Our popular user friendly yet powerful web hosting solution is the perfect fit for companies that do not have an in house technical support to create and manage their web content. Learn more

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Get certified and protect your company from costly litigation with the Lighthouse Works WCAG certification. Learn more

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Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way and create a custom remediation plan that is unique to your business. Learn more

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Wish to make your software usable for someone who can’t see their monitor? Learn more


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FACT! Using online tools, website accessibility toolbars and website accessibility widgets does not give you WCAG compliance or reduce your risk for an ADA website compliance lawsuit. While these types of plugin/overlays improve some website accessibility elements it does not make your website fully accessible to people with disabilities and ensure an equal experience to everyone. An online website accessibility tool can only check if certain elements are present, not if those elements allow access to content for a user with disability. Most automated tools check 40% of the standards leaving 60% of those standards unaddressed. Many companies who uses these online tools end up having two different versions of their website — an alternate version and the original version. This is why Lighthouse Works make website, both within the content and at the code level, accessible.

See below the difference using online website accessibility tools versus actual human testers.

Our Proven Process feature Website Accessibility Widget
100% Compliance 100% WCAG Compliance 24/7Section 508, WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III X 50% Compliance
100% Compliance Comply with Legislation 24/7 X 50% Compliance
Automated & Manual Website Accessibility Check X Automated No manual testing leaving majority of the standards unchecked.
Code Level Ensure 100% WCAG compliance Remediation X Plugin Does not fix all accessibility issues
Tested (both automatically and manually) Digital Documents X Not tested
Expert Level Guidance to ensure ongoing WCAG compliance Ongoing support X Talk to the Widget! Widget assume your problems are solved
Everything is labeled and the labels actually make sense. HTML Labeling X Some things can be labeled automatically; some cannot
All custom widgets have the correct ARIA attributes, so users know how to use them ARIA X A widget can only guess what the right ARIA info should be, so it cannot fix ARIA problems
100% WCAG Compliance Comply with Access Technology X Competes with user software and creates new and unforeseen issues
Your digital content is accessible and inclusive to everyone, AT ALL TIMES! Bottom Line Your digital content is accessible to some, SOMETIMES!


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We are Lighthouse Works, a social enterprise helping businesses of every size achieve digital inclusion, and digital equality. Since 1976, we have worked to empower the lives of individuals of all ages, who live with any degree of vision loss and provide them with the essential tools to adjust to their reality with grace and confidence so that they can remain active and productive members of our community.

Our talented team of visually impaired software developers and analysts ensure your company eliminate any digital barriers for users with disability (1 in 4 Americans) to access your online presence while at the same time ensuring a better user experience for everyone. In addition to our attention to detail and expert-level knowledge of current WCAG guidelines, our team genuinely care about the 26% of Americans who need websites to be accessible.

There are many things companies can do to ensure digital accessibility. If you are not sure where to start, Lighthouse Works is here to help!

Core Capabilities:

Website auditing (Section 508 and WCAG compliance)
Digital Media Auditing (PDF, Word, LMS core content)
Mobile app, Native app, and Web app accessibility testing
Custom Browser Extensions
Workflow Optimization
Desktop Application Development (.NET, JAVA, C++, Python, etc.)
Web Application Development (PHP, .NET, JavaScript, CSS₃, HTML₅, etc.)


“Lighthouse Works was a lifesaver for Brownie Brittle! After researching multiple companies to help our website become ADA accessible, Lighthouse was by far the best choice. They were reasonably priced, and we respected that the actual workers who tested the website in each phase were people with disabilities themselves; this definitely increased their level of credibility. They were a big help throughout every step of the process, and were always willing to jump on a quick call to answer any of our questions. We would highly recommend Lighthouse Works to any company, large or small, that needs to update their website to gain ADA accessibility status.”

Ashley Dawkins, Marketing Director

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle