“We ensure streamlined and simple contract management solutions to help government personnel focus on mission-critical and inherently-governmental functions, while at the same time facilitating the return of unused obligated contract funds to the government”
a group photo of our supply chain team in the warehouse at Lighthouse Works

How Our Contract Management Experts Can Help You

  • Contract Closeout Document Preparation
  • Document Imaging, Indexing, and Destruction
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Reliable Services – Low-turnover, 99%+ accuracy
  • On-Site or Off-Site Support – Security Cleared Employees

Since 2017, Lighthouse Works has offered our customers comprehensive, reliable and cost effective contract closeout solutions to help federal customers recoup millions of dollars, reduce their administrative burden, and achieve financial audit readiness.

As a go-to vendor for many federal agencies, we deliver quality, consistency and effective solutions including contract closeout document preparation, de-obligation of funds, payment reconciliation, and document imaging, indexing, and destruction. By utilizing our nationwide infrastructure for on-site or off-site support, we help mitigate the critical government shortage of contract specialists by focusing on providing post-contract award administration support services that are not inherently governmental functions.

Lighthouse Works is an industry leader helping companies achieve 100% customer satisfaction while increasing their corporate social responsibility. Customers choose Lighthouse Works' contract management services and solutions based on a proven track record for customer satisfaction, quality of service, reliability, ease of doing business, and cost-effective pricing - while investing in a partner that is changing the lives of children and adults with vision loss.

Core Capabilities:

Contract Closeout Document Preparation
Payment Reconciliation
Document Imaging, Indexing, and Destruction
Deobligation of funds
High-end product/service mixOn-Site or Off-Site Support