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Lighthouse Works offers two employment specific training options: Customer Service Basics (CSB), which is tailored for those individuals who want to work in the customer service field such as a small office setting and Contact Center Excellence (CCE), a program geared at preparing candidates for the call center industry. Both these programs utilize a blended learning model with most of the course’s content being web based. We use open source e-learning software called Moodle to deliver the theoretical content of our training programs and a combination of Skype and our multiline office phones for the practical components.

Participants in these programs are exposed to theories/best practices in customer service and adaptive technology specific information to prepare them for jobs in the customer service industry. CSB runs for two weeks and CCE for three weeks.

Customer Service Basics (CSB)

During the CSB training, participants are exposed to information presented in traditional lecture style, technology specific materials, assessments, role playing scenarios and mock customer calls depicting the various customer conditions. They are also brought together each day, with a facilitator, to discuss the lessons covered and to have all course content difficulties addressed. We assimilate, as much as possible, the customer service work environment. In order to offer the highest quality customer service experience, Lighthouse Works training module concentrates on several goals & objectives. These include:
        • Appling customer service terminology and industry knowledge.
        • Greeting customers using company procedures
        • Demonstrating pleasant voice quality and speak in a culturally-sensitive manner
        • Developing a rapport that builds trust with customer
        • Identifying customer’s condition and utilizing the adapt approach

Contact Center Excellence (CCE)

Contact Center Excellence (CCE) is a highly interactive program that incorporates several technology platforms enabling the trainee to experience a realistic, simulated contact center environment. The interplay of technology and simulated customer and business challenges readies trainees to take the leap into company/product specific training within an actual call center.

The CCE curriculum seeks to build skill in the following goal areas: Explore the Contact Center Industry; Communication and Service Recovery Techniques; Usage of Contact Center Technology; Handle Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Duties; and Quality Assurance Techniques. Contact Center Excellence builds on the customer interaction skills learned in Customer Service Basics, and emphasizes higher level skills such as: service recovery, customer privacy issues, multi-tasking, up-selling, and mystery shopping.

The CCE program is made up of two parts: online learning and facilitated classroom learning with a Lighthouse facilitator. Trainees spend their time in a variety of ways in this course, including:
        • Reading information and communicating through the computer
        • Taking mock customer calls via Skype
        • Practicing or role-playing with their classmates
        • Participating in group discussions with class members
        • Observing our on-site Lighthouse Works Customer Care Center

With a Lighthouse Facilitator always available to answer trainee questions and offer assistance when necessary, trainees are given many opportunities, both in the classroom and on the computer, to apply what they are learning and to share the challenges they encounter and ideas they have with other participants.
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